Alternative Learning Systems 101

This morning I spoke at a graduate studies class being handled by my father-in-law, Dr. Cesar Villariba. He introduced me as part of “Team Villariba,” since Girlie also pitches in when she is in Lucena City on Saturdays.

The participants are mainly teachers and principals in other towns of Quezon province who are doing their masters and doctorates. Many of them have to wake up as early as 4 am, to travel from their homes to the Enverga University campus in Lucena City, on time for the 8 am session.

“What do you want me to talk about?” I asked. He told me to speak on what’s close to my heart, so long as it is related to education philosophy and management.

What is it that interests me most in education? Yesterday, I spoke on one item of personal interest, at a workshop on “Lifelong Learning” and the prospect of making Lucena City a “Learning City.” Today I chose to speak about “Alternative Learning Systems,” or ALS for short.

ALS 101

Most of the participants had heard of the ALS acronym, and associate it with “non-formal and informal” learning. We started our discussion with the more usual notions of ALS, and then probed deeper into its implications for education philosophy and management.

The pragmatic argument for ALS in basic education is pretty straight forward. The current formal, school-based system in the Philippines has the following performance outcomes: Of every 100 children who enroll in Grade One, only 65 finish Grade 6, and only 45 finish high school.

And yet, the Philippine Constitution and its global commitment to EFA 2015 binds the government to provide basic education to all. How can it deliver on this? One strategy is to reform the basic education system, to make it perform optimally; this also means putting more resources into it. But that can be only one strategy. We need to “walk on two legs” toward EFA.

The other leg is to build alternative learning systems, or ALS, initially for the 11 million- plus out of school youth and adults. Ultimately, however, ALS is needed to give other options to those who are in a different life situation and who have different preferred learning styles.

Fortunately, the Philippines has many elements of ALS not only for basic education, but even for higher education. The “architectural drawings” exist, and are even supported by policy legislation. The problem, as in other areas in governance in the Philippines, is in the “construction” of the system including the crucial element of financing.

I first heard of the DepEd’s ALS for high school equivalency when the Bureau of Non Formal Education, or BNFE, approached me during my stint as director-general of TESDA. They asked if I would sign a MOA recognizing the certification that students receive through ALS for entry into TESDA-approved courses. After studying what they called their “Accreditation and Equivalency” scheme, or A and E, I was happy to sign a MOA. Later, CHED did the same.

When I returned to NGO work, I approached the BNFE for possible partnership. They were glad to link with NGOs, but unfortunately, they told us, there’s no more money from the ADB loan which enabled them to contract NGOs for the pilot implementation of ALS. They could give us a set of the modules, but we have to reproduce them ourselves. They could also train Instructional Managers, but we have to pay them ourselves.

Later, we got more bad news. Instead of giving the nationwide exams for ALS students twice a year, their limited budget would limit the giving of exams to once a year. “How much is your budget anyway?” We asked. To our surprise (or maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised), of the more than 100 billion peso budget of the DepEd, the BNFE got barely more than 100 million pesos.

Later, the BNFE got a new name BALS – Bureau of Alternative Learning System. But a new name did not mean new funds. BALS still gets less than one per cent of the DepEd budget.

No wonder the BESRA (Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda) of the DepEd lumps ALS and ECCD under its strategy of public-private partnership. I suspect that in the mind of the government, there’s more “private” than public in this partnership.

Toward multiple learning systems

Beyond the pragmatics and the numbers, ALS poses deeper questions about education philosophy and management. The current formal education system is described, with reason, as reflecting the “mass production” factory system of early industrialization. That had its usefulness, but it is not appropriate for the knowledge economy.

This is true especially of technical education and higher education.

Again, the good news is that there are key elements of ALS in the architecture of technical and higher education. The bad news is in the lack of resources, and also in some reluctance to construct.

The late Malu Doronilla emphasized that ALS needs also an alternative system of assessment and certification, beyond the usual paper and pencil tests. This is the missing element in the DepEd’s ALS, though they have commissioned the development of a system of “portfolio assessment.”

In technical education, TESDA has a system of RPL or recognition of prior learning, similar to what other countries call PLAR – prior learning assessment and recognition. In higher education, CHED can authorize selected schools to offer ETEEAP, or Expanded Tertiary Education and Equivalency Accreditation Program. This allows schools to give a degree based on the portfolio evidence presented by the applicant.

The Philippines still has a long way to go toward the dream of a “multiple learning system” and its accompanying recognition system of our “multiple intelligences.” But we have taken some important steps. The challenge is to develop a momentum.

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  1. LEONA MARIE Says:


  2. Joy Santos Says:

    My son is with the ALS right now. I was going thru different sites that could help me help him for his assessment test next month. It’s really a pity that the DepEd is given only but a drop of the national budget to further its programs. But then again, that’s just me… anyway, I hope to get to a site that could at least give me an insight as to the coverage of the assessment test. Thanks for the info.

  3. My son is with the ALS right now. I was going thru different sites that could help me help him for his assessment test next month. It’s really a pity that the DepEd is given only but a drop of the national budget to further its programs. But then again, that’s just me… anyway, I hope to get to a site that could at least give me an insight as to the coverage of the assessment test. Thanks for the info.

  4. rhea sto.domingo Says:

    is it possible for me to measure the science achievement of students who are enrolled in als?

  5. ernie alix Says:

    I would like my son to continue his high school education in the ALS. We live in Quezon City. Can someone please advise how and where I should inquire about this?

  6. fr. jerome marquez Says:

    I read this article Ed.
    Tomorrow, May 4, 2008, I will meet the instructional managers from three ALS sites that we established. One ALS site is in Dasmarinas-Cavite, Rio Tuba-Bataraza, Palawan and a new site we wish to support at Taganito, Surigao.

    As you have mentioned, it is a private-public partnership. The private partnership inculdes financing and a lot of operational supervisory work.

    I believe we really need to invite more private partners.

    Fr. Jerome Marquez, SVD
    Executive Director
    Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Foundation, Inc.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ernie alix Says:

    April 8, 2008 at 8:50 am
    I would like my son to continue his high school education in the ALS. We live in Quezon City. Can someone please advise how and where I should inquire about this?


  8. melgrace Says:

    I would like my brother to continue his high school education in the ALS. We live in valenzuela City. Can you please advise how and where I should inquire about this?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I am a Mangyan in mindoro, with basic education in elementary, I’m in 6th grade now though I am already 20. I have enough training with my elem education. I really want to finish my education earlier and wanted to enrol ALS, may I know if you have any information where to enrol in Mamburao? thank you. erwin

  10. mike Says:

    I have question regarding how to get a certificate of proficiency issued by the government regulatory body or TESDA. I will used this in applying ETEEAP to obtain a degree. I am a 2-year course graduate from university and more than 7 years experience in design engineering. Can somebody help me how to have this certificate? Is it availabe at TESDA? Thank you very much.

  11. Rod Pascual Says:

    Those who are interested in ETEEAP ched program, you may visit their site

    Enverga University Foundation, Lucena City is open its door for Engineering and Information Technology (IT) Course thru ETEEAP Ched Program.

    CHED Address: Ground Floor, DAB Bldg. San Miguel Ave, Ortigas, Pasig City

    Enverga University Foundation Tel: (042) 7104360

  12. maria crisanta e. veniegas Says:

    I’m working now on my thesis proposal about the status and problems of
    ALS in congressional district iv of quezon. will you help me in determining the important indicators needed.

  13. sha monsale Says:

    I work for ALS I love my job despite the difficulty of the work from the resistance of the community, lack of materials(modules),mockery from teacher’s in formal system,lack of support from the LGU and local agency but with this it is worthwhile to help,inspire and give hope to OSC,OSY and OSA.Just hoping that ALS implementors should truly understand their part in making a change for proper implementation means helping a lot people.

  14. malupet ..
    maraming salamat pu sa uportunidad na inyong ibinigay..

    salamat po talaga!

  15. katrina sarmiento Says:

    im a 23 yr old woman i want to enroll at ALS where can i enroll here at dasma cavite pls reply..tnx

  16. I’d like to know more about als. can u give me some reports? pls email me at :

  17. Great Bet Says:

    Thank God!. I;m one of the ALS-IM. Thank you Ma’am Soni and Sir Rex. Godspeed.

  18. kristine Says:

    hi ,,im 18 going to 19,i want to continue my high schools ,can i know where and how i can enroll in ALS,plz help me

  19. krissy Says:

    hi im krissy,im not yet finish my high school.and i want to continue it,can u plz tell me where and how i can enroll in ALS,,plz help me,tnx god bless

  20. anjie Says:

    im anjie frm cavite i would like to finish my high school but i dont know to get a acceleration test to tesda…

  21. sir,mam
    june 2008 passer po ako accidentally po nawala ung result nung exam ko puwede po bang makahingi ng duplicate kasi kailanga ko po dahil papasok po ako sa PUP sta. rosa. d po ko maka enroll kasi po wala po k0ng kopya. pwede po bang malaman kung san po ko pwedeng lumapit at sana po pwedeng kunin ulit ung duplicate ng aking result ng exam…..thank you po….

  22. amf delos santos Says:

    putang ina di ko makita ung test results..
    display nyu na lang d2 kung sino na ang nakahanap

  23. ivan paghubasan Says:

    nag test po ko nung october 26, hanggang ngyon wla p rin ung results??? asikasuhin nyo nmn po ung exam results namen un lng po…tnx nlng…sana po mlaman ko na agad!

  24. unknown Says:

    kailan po lalabas ang results ng mga test?

  25. unknown Says:

    nagtest po ako noong october 2008…
    hinihintay ko nah po ang mga resulta ng mga test… :)

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    sana po ma released na ang results ng mga nag test nung october 2008 .. :)

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    paki send naman sa email ko result ng ALS A&E test kumuha ko exam nung feb.24,2008 email add. ko

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    ahHm paki bLsan Lng Nman poh Ng knti Ung pag aAyos kasi mRmi Rn Ng aAntay ng resulta ng Exam pls tnx…..!!!!!1

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    Sa lahat ng mga nagpapa-follow up ng kanilang ALS test results. Ang magagawa ko lamang ay pasabihan at tanungin ang BALS ng DepEd. Wala po akong katungkulan sa ALS. Advocate lamang. Kayo pa rin ang dapat mangulit sa inyong local DepEd o sinumang nag-organize ng ALS sa inyong lugar. Ganito rin ang ginagawa namin sa Mindoro. Talagang delayed masyadong mag-release ng test results ang DepEd, kaya tuloy-tuloy lang ang pag-follow up

  31. diane Says:

    im diane,cn i knw if im one of the passers at als exam,pls i ned dis,i am to old to go to hayscul,im 18 yearz of age,i take in riotuba bataraza plawan,last october 26 2008,i want to knw if i am pass,pls email me at
    Thank you. . . . . .diana jane genilan. . .qte. . .

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    maganda naman pero wala padin result

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    hay,one of my teacher says,ngaung march daw ilalabs ung result,why it is not her pa,i wnt to knw if im pass or not,dis s my scnd mesage,hope that you wil catch up my email. . . . . .diana jane genilan qte. . . . .email me at . . .if u got my exam result. . .pls. .i big on you people. .

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    may i know if kailan malalaman ang results ng exam namin last 0ctober 05,2008? excited na kasi kami..
    thanks and godbless

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    kailan po ba namin malalaman ung
    resulta ng test namin sa a.l.s.
    kasi po kinukulit na ko ng magulang ko……


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    Hello every one,I heard that the test result will be post this month.So,maybe we will wait hanggang e post nila ang resulta.Thanks and if who ang makakaalam first ng result,send me a message or info.This is my email address, God Bless….

  37. Susan Calma Says:

    As per website of the Department of Educaton, Sec.Jesli Lapuz said that for those who took the Oct 2008 ALS examinations, results should be out by Jan-Feb 2009 and by March the certifications signed by Sec. Lapuz should have been released.

    It’s now mid-March and yet not a sign of the exam results are forthcoming. Several times each month this year,I called DepEd countless times, and I’m sooo frustrated with their “wala pa” answers. In January I asked when, their reply “wala pa, sa February pa po.” I called last Feb, they said “wala pa,sa March po.” This morning again I made follow up and the answer was, you guess it, “sa April pa po.”

    Mga kababayan ko, dapat pa ba tayong magtaka kung bakit ang bansa natin o ang kalagayan ng ating edukasyon ay naging ganito ka-miserable?

  38. crushal Says:

    maganda po sna kso d nman nmin alm kung pno po kme mkakapasa ang tgal na po nming nagresearch pro wla prin,pno na po un

  39. diane Says:

    ah!damn u all,i dnt wnt to be rude on u guys,but,sht,its ben a year,since we tke ur exam,and the result nt yet publish,helow,anung petsa na,magbu2kas nanaman ang klase,kng nakapasa nga kami panu,d na abt,kng april pa un,or may,,,ahhhhh. . . .. .october 26 2008 un,d2 sa palawan,riotuba palawan. . .diana jane qte. . . .

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    kelan fuh ba malalaman ang result????????????????????????????????????tnx fuhh

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    kelan malalaman ang result???????????

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    labas nyo na ung result uh…………
    im from cavite

  43. palab0y Says:

    Hi Sir, I was jsut passing by when i saw the acronym. i read the article and it was very meaningful. iI myself took a little part with regards to those students since in the Hermana fausta development center Lucena City were they are based, i happen to live there too. and we conducted some tutorials there as part of our outreach programs to our schools adopted communities

  44. gerald villosa Says:

    dear sir\maam

    maari ko bang malaman kung dumating na po ba yung result sa ALS hinihintay ko po kasi eH! nag inform po ako dito sa aming school wala pa daw …. kailan po ba dadating ung result sir\maam ….??


  45. diane Says:


    Good evening i am one of those people who wants to see if we past in your exam,please give the results,i want to knw if am past in als exam,thank you! ! I BIG ON YOU GUYZ! !

    From:diane of bataraza palawan

    Email me . .if the results is in your hands. . .thank you! !:)

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    keep me inform about the result of the ALS test Last October 2008..

    email me at

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    to whom it may concern..pcensia na po pero pls naman po kung may results na pki post naman po… mejo may katagalan na rin po kc ung paghihintay namin ehh.. since oct 2008 pa po eh.. almost half a year na… plssssss…. thaks a lot.. hoping for your urgent action..

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    hope in my last message,you wel publish,the list of passers in als exam,i dnt mind f i am one of those unlucky persn. . .i want to knw, . .the results. .in my town her in palawan marami kaming nag exam,lhat kami naghi2ntay,mga nanay na,my edad,lhat kami umaasa sa inyo. . .sana naman sa mga kinauukulan pls. . .ipadala nyo na ang resulta ng exam. .maraming salamat. . . . . Diana>frm province of palawan,

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    susan calma,im agree with you.and to mr. palaboy,thank you sa concern…well its been a long time since we take that exam.and im too upset with what happening now.our government,especially the administration of PGMA didnt have any care about this problem.they gave us a lot of promises,pero wala kahit isa man ang natutupad.kung dito nga sa napakasimpleng bagay wala silang magawa,what more pa sa mga higit pang suliranin ng ating bansa.dapat na tayong kumilas kabataan.wag nating hayaan na gawin tayong panakip butas para mapagtakpan ang kanilang katiwalian at kagunggungan sa kanilang pinamumunuan.please pass to others…..thank you

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    let us know kung ano ang naging resulta ng exam nung nakaraang october 26 2008.masyado ng matagal ang palugit na ibinigay sa inyo.bakit si pacquio,nakuha agad ang result.talaga bang makapal ang mukha ninyo para ipakita at iparamdam sa amin na pera lang ang katapat ng serbisyo nyo?baka nakakalimutan nyo na ang perang sinusweldo nyo ay galing sa mga bulsa namin na pinaghihirapan ng aming mga magulang at kung minsan ay sa amin mismo.mga kabataan huwag kayong pumayag sa ganitong sistema sa gobyerno.tayo ang kawawa dito…

  53. Hello! kindly give me a list of the A & E passer of the October 12, 2008 exam…. please I need it so badly….

  54. Please lang po…. I’ll be waiting…

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    pwb pho bang malaman ang resulta ng skn BRYAN DIMASAPIT
    pho” guz2 q kc malamn eh””
    para lam q kung mag aaral pa q oh hnd na”
    un lang pho”

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    Hi,.sir/madam kelan po lalabas ang result last october 12, 2008, paki send nalang po ang result sa email ko tanx po and more power.

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    I’m Albert mam kailan po ba malalaman ung result nung exam last October 26 2008 sa A&E als bals po sir/mam ang tagal naman po kasi mam enrolment na po sa collage po baka po ma late na po ako di na po ako makapag enrol pls send to my number if i were pass the exam mam/sir

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    Mam/Sir this is my number 09107271565

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    I would like to inquire about the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency Accreditation Program. Where can we apply and what are the requirements? Thank you.

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    look up nyo ung site ng deped..may results na ata ung october exams

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    hmmmm pwede po na ba namin malaman kung sino sino ang mga nakapasa sa als…ang tagal na po nyan…mahiya nmn po kayo sa mga naghirap sa test.ang tagal ng inaantay..=)

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    may link n ata sa site ng deped ung results for october

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    to whom it may concern,, maraming salamat po at nailabas na po ang results ng oct. 2008 als exams. mga brad mga sis, sa mga pumasa, congrats,, eto na ang simula ng lahat.. sa mga kapatid ntn na ndi msyadong pinalad wag mwalan ng pag asa,mga tol try lng ng try my mararating yan,, wag icpin ang cnsabi ng ibang tao tapos man o lhat ng nagdedegrade sa inyo FUCK THEM ALL!!! SONS OF A BITCHES!! ndi lng nila alam kung gano ntn pinaghihirapan to! kya sa mga taong makitid ang pagiisip GO TO HELL!! wag nting intintindihin yang mga yan!! to my fellow als learners pumasa man o hindi,,, mabuhay tayo!! tuloy tuloy lng.. salamat mga kapatid,,,… to DEPED maraming maraming salamat po at nagkalinaw na ang lahat sa ALS batch oct.2008 (sa kabila ng napakaraming gawaing nakatambak sa inyo…) tnx a lot po on behalf of my fellow learners!! —————— pitiful_beggar!!!

  64. pitiful____beggar Says:

    vangie plata,, evangeline plata ba real name mo? congrats.. tiningnan q name mu sa results pasado ka… congrats congrats… :) ikaw lng kc ung my full name na nkita q d2 eh.. :)

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    paki post naman ung site kung san miki2ta ung result ng als exam . kaasar na ee . pucha

  66. pakitignan naman po ung name BRUTUS BAGNE kung nkapasa po xa kasi nag aaccess denied nman po kz. or please pkisend n lng ung link ng deped o kaya yung keywords para mka access s exam result… paki po plsss,,, my bother badly needs it very much…please email me because im not sure s number… here’s my email, or… thank you poh… i acknowledge your great help po dito… God bless…

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    hello poh… please grant my request pooo i really need it because as our friends said, mag aapril n and i need it this summer… thanx for the help po…email my sister n lng po for response… or send us the link n lng po s exam result… actually i took the exam at ZAMBALES last october 2008… my name is BRUTUS BAGNE.
    my sister’s emails are and

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    Hi.. poh.. gus2 ko sanang malaman kung kasama ba d2 ang result nung october 12 2008 tga cebu po me… nag take ako sa Abellana national Highschool.. gus2 ko sanang malaman kung final na po ba ito saka kasama ba ang result nung October 12 2008…. thank you poh e2 po ung site

  69. Janrey Labang Says:

    e2 po ung email ko God Bless po

  70. pitiful____beggar Says:

    mga tol eto site para makita ang results.. tapos click nio deped updates nandun na un hanapin niyo nlang… APIR!

  71. mark Says:

    san po makkta yn
    nkapasa ng test sa ALS?

  72. hi .. ask ko lng po san po ba pwede kumuha ng als .. sinu po ba pwede contakin?? hers my e mail add

  73. jose d. camado jr. Says:

    hello, im jose.

    I passed the test that was given to me last October 2008. But i think there’s a problem, my friend named kenneth also enrolled in ALS, my classmate did not pass it. My teacher expect him to pass it but he didn’t. Kenneth is a intelligent student who’s always perfect on our seat work. That’s why me as his friend and classmate got shocked when i knew that he failed the exam. I think there’s an error.

    thank you,
    Jose D. Camado Jr.

  74. biboy Says:

    pdie patulong kung sn mkkta ung result ng als exam di ko kc mkta kung saan eh

  75. DANICA Says:

    san ba mahahanbap

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    mga brad pkibasa ung mga recent posts may mga links na naka post para sa result ng exam

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    saan p ba makikita yung results ng als?tga cebu ksi ako e,hanggang ngayon wla pa akong nababalitaan tungkol sa results ng exam namin dito sa cebu…hoping for your kind consideration reply…

  78. pitiful____beggar Says:

    pastor d2 po mkikita ung results… … click niu nlang tong link na to papasok na kau don.. oct 2008 exam results po iyan…

  79. pano ko po malalaman kung nakapasa ako sa a&e reult nung oct.26 2008.pakisend naman po sa email

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    pls. give me a report or the results of the exam in ALS, october 26,2008. tnx. pls. send it on my yahoomail

  81. cruella_deville_krystalberry Says:

    yipppeeee!!!!! this calls for a PPAARRTTAAYYY!! =) GOOD LUCK to all who passed. thank God.

  82. anu na poh????

    tgL n ng resuLt..

    kaiLangaN kxE sa wOrK q unG dipLomA kunG skaLing mka2pasa aQ..

    pkisEnD n lnG sa e`maiL q pLs……….

  83. Edelisa Santiago Says:

    hi, im June 12 2008 ALS passer… actually ndi ko pa nakukuha ung diploma at mga certificate na pinangako ng DEPED… nag inquire ako sa DEPED tungkol sa cerficate na dapat ibigay sa mga passer ang sabi sa school kung saan ka nag exam then tumawag ako sa school ang sabi sakin sa DEPED dapat ako tumawag ksai sa kanila dapat kumuha… Pinagpapasapasahan lang ninyo ang mga tao… panu ako magkakapag enroll this coming school year kung hanggang ngayon wala pa kayong maibibigay na mga certificate at dilpoma sa mga passer na katulad ko!… bakit pa kayo nag-pa exam sa mga out of school youth para masabi na meron kayong ginawang maganda sa mga kabataan tulad namin… Diba Dapat kayo mismo magpadala ng mga certifacte at diploma sa mga passer ndi pa ung kami pa ang tatawag para kumuha… kaya nga meron application form na fill-up namin before kami mag exam meron pang mga requirements katunayan na ung ang pangalan at tirahan namin… Sibihin na tin na karamihan sa atin na nag exam kapus sa pera… panu ung mga kapus sa pera hindi kakapunta sa DEPED para makuha ang diploma na sinasabi nila?! na-ngurakot na lng din kayo lubusin na ninyo… kayo na ang magpadala ng mga sinasabi ninyong diploma at mga certificates…..

    Anu sa tingin ninyo mga kapwa ko passer!

  84. ulopongz Says:

    s wakaz



  86. rosalinda galvez Says:

    pd poh mlman qng cno

  87. vangie plata Says:

    thank you sa nag bigay ng info sa akin….i owe you one,thank you talaga….

  88. pitiful____beggar Says:

    -to vangie plata-, no probkas tingnan mo rin ung results,, bka may mga kakilala kang ndi pa alam ang resulta, para matulungan mo nrin,, eto ung link,,,, ,, click mo lng yan… ayt,, ingats,, gud day,,, APIR!! -pitiful_______beggar-

  89. pitiful____beggar Says:

    -to vangie plata-, no probs tingnan mo rin ung results,, bka may mga kakilala kang ndi pa alam ang resulta, para matulungan mo nrin,, eto ung link,,,, ,, click mo lng yan… ayt,, ingats,, gud day,,, APIR!! -pitiful_______beggar-

  90. Alvin Says:

    my cousin take an exam last few months in adriaticao elementary school. Alternative Learning system,kailan kya magkakaroon ng result?kasi magpapasukan na eh wla pa din>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  91. pitiful____beggar Says:

    ser alvin, kung oct 2008 nagtake ung insan niu eh matagal na pong nairelease ung results early april pa ho.. eto po ung link para malaman nio ung results click niu nlang po tong link na to at papasok na po kau don sa mga results.. hanapin niu nlang po ung name ng insan niu.. ska ho kung di niu makita mas maigi puntahan niu na po ung learning center na pinasukan nya at dun niu po itanong kung pasado po sya or ndi,,. gud day ser pitiful______beggar

  92. pitiful____beggar Says:

    paki antay lang po pag klik niu kc mejo matagal mag open…

  93. Emil The Great Says:

    oo nga kailan ang result ang tagal n nun ah..
    october pa nag test wla pa rin..


  94. mellejhory ciriaco Says:

    hi im mellejhory di poh ako tapos ng highschool and i heard about als san poh ba akoh pwde mag inquire or mag enrol taga pasig poh akoh..

    i’llwait for ur response tnx god bless…

  95. edicio Says:

    Check with the Pasig DepEd ALS coordinator. You can also ask your barangay if there is an ALS program. There are some NGOs in Pasig who have an ALS program for out of school youth; one of them is called PIGLAS.

  96. katreena Says:

    hi po. i had a friend who had taken the exam last october 5, 2008 at malaybalay, bikidnon… i dont know what website i would go to know if my friend had pass the exam… can i asked kung what web ako pupunta? paki e mail lang po…

  97. katreena Says:

    pwd po bang mag tanong if nakapasa si jhun-man balabat. nag take cya noong october 2008. paki e mail lang po sa akin.… thanx

  98. edicio Says:

    Please check the other comments, Nandoon ang website ng DepEd na pwedeng tingnan for the ALS exam results

  99. michael labsan Says:

    pki send nman poh
    yng result ng test
    nmin s asl nag test poh
    ako nong april 17 2008
    hndi k poh kc
    mkta s wbsite ng als e pls lng poh
    pki comment nman
    poh s friendster ko 2 p0oh
    yng email add ko salamat poh

  100. AUREA TADENA Says:

    Hi ako ay pasado sa ALS at nakapagsimula na akong mag-aral noong Octobre… Ngayon po ay humihingi po ako nang tulong sa inyo para po sa aking meselanseus at personal expenses dahil po talagang kapos po ako ngaton.. wala talaga akong maasahang suporta galing sa aking pamilya lalo na kapag tungkol sa pera… gustong gustong ko po talagang makatapos nang pag-aaral, dahil ang sabi po sa aking nang taga deped ay ako daw ay elligeble na para makapagtrbaho sa gobyerno basta ang kailangan lang talaga na makapagtapos ako nang apat na taon na kurso.. At ako rin po ay scholar ng Study Now Pay Later Program.. Ako po ay full scholar sa tuation fees ang problema ko lang po ay yong para sa personal allowances at pang mesilanneus ko po…
    Sana po ay matulongan nyo po ako.. heto po ang aking aking numero 09099842270 at 09104764129…
    Salamat po.. mabuhay po kayo… GOD BLESS

  101. Sonny Elcid Boado Says:

    saang site kaya makikita ung als passers need na kasi namin

  102. Sonny Elcid Boado Says:

    nag test po ako ng october 2008 hanggang ngaun wala pa ring resulta .. . kailangan na po talaga .. . paki lagay nlng po d2 ung site o kung saan pwede makita ung mga naka pass sa ALS Passers October 2008

  103. Sonny Elcid Boado Says:

    bobo ng internet

  104. mary ann Says:

    saan po ba makikita ung mga nka pasa noong june 12 2008 kasi nauna pa kme nag test pero naunang ilabas ung results nung october..plssss help nman kylangan ko tlga un..

  105. mary ann Says:

    sana naman asikasuhn nla..para namn kasing balewala

  106. mary ann Says:

    tapos ung teacher namen nlayasan kme pag tapos nang exam dna nag pakita..dmanlang kme inasikaso..kung anong pwedeng mang yari pa tapuss….
    naka2asar nag sayang lang kme nang panahon

  107. mary ann Says:

    tulungan nio namn me gs2 ko mlaman ung results noong june 12 2008..ito no. ko 09197456390..txt nio nlang ako plsss..helpppp,………

  108. niño jesus cruz Says:

    can you please send me a copy of date’s of examination this June 2009, because my family is asking for date’s and until now i just don’t know when ALS Mambugan will be taking the said examination…. thanks.. hoping for your kind consideration….

  109. niño jesus cruz Says:

    here’s my email just send the date’s thank you!!

  110. niño jesus cruz Says:

    still u hvn’t sent me the date’s of examination, june is fast fading, hoping that Alternative Learning System is not a SCAM, still hoping that u can send me date’s within this few days tnx!!

  111. niño jesus cruz Says:

    here’s my Cell Phone #09053990735 maybe through this you can send me the date of examination this June 2009 hoping for your kind consideration….why don’t anyone pays a single reply on my post??…. please have some consideration!!!!

  112. edicio Says:

    Am sorry that I can’t help you on this. Please check with the DepEd. I haven’t heard of any June ALS exams. What I read is that the next national ALS exam is in October

  113. niño jesus cruz Says:

    anyway!!thank you for the late reply…. so you mean that ALS here in antipolo is just a scam!!! … thats bull!!

  114. niño jesus cruz Says:

    by the way can i have the site deped… tnx anyway!!!

  115. smat Says:

    tangina mlapit n graduation la prin result…………….

  116. pitiful____beggar Says:

    sir nino, wag na po kayo mag ingles kung mali mali din naman,,, nasa pilipinas ka at pilipino ang mga kausap mo,, matuto po kayung mag hanap sa net.. at hindi yung tanong po kayo nang tanong tapos magsasalita ka pa ng hindi maganda..,,,,,… apir!!

  117. pitiful____beggar Says:

    at wag di po kayong demanding sir nino,, kasi hindi lang ikaw ang may problema,, mas maraming dapat unahin kesa sayo,, october ang exam sa als at hindi june…. ngayon po alam mo na,,, keep quiet ka na at intindihin mo nalang ang pagrereview mo para pumasa ka,,, apir!!!

  118. jenet anola/Camarilla Learning Center Says:

    …I am presently enrolled as a learner of ALS…so far so good,our imstructional manager is very supportive reaching our goals…and so as the barangay council…thanks for this project it made possible for us to finish our high school and get a degree later on…long live ALS!

  119. Aero Says:

    Mahirap ba tlga ang ALS? Ang enroll ako ngayon sa als. 3rd hs ang level ko. Hnd ko alam kung mkakapasa ako.

  120. pitiful____beggar Says:

    aero, mas my advantage ka kasi nakapag 3rd year ka,, pero wag ka maging kampante masyado,, mas ayos pa rin kung magrereview ka ng mabuti,, gud lak!! apir!!

  121. gladys Says:

    i am a ALS graduate and my problem is that i am still not qualified as a college student bcoz i don’t have form 138, good moral and of course most importantly i don’t have a 4th year card, and ALS is not able to give me all of that and aside from that i still did not receive my diploma and its almost a year na already from the day of our graduation.On our graduation naka receive ako ng recognition certificate as one of the highest test passer in Bukidnon but the problem is that the certificate has no signature from the division superintendent dr. Gloria Benigno, and it makes my certificate fake. i really wonder why bat walang signature if dr.Benigno is present on our graduation day.Now i have a problem if how can i enroll and reach my dreams if i cant settle all of this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if anyone can help plzzzzzzzz help me!pleassssssssssssssse

  122. niño jesus cruz Says:

    sorry!! just a big mistake… now it’s all clear for me now.. that this coming October 25 of this year will be the date of the said examination, so thank you to all of you who commented on my post.. and to pitiful____beggar thanks!! at-least you really do care… don’t you worry ill work on it, and thanks for the boost.. really do appreciated thanks again!! :)

  123. pitiful____beggar Says:

    mam gladys, mas maganda kung tanungin mo ung i.m.(teacher) mo nung nag aALS ka pa,, kung may communication ka pa sa kanya,,. or kung wala na mas magandang kumontak ka na sa DepEd at magtanong ng solusyon.. gud lak sana maayos yang problema mo,, apir!!

  124. pitiful____beggar Says:

    ser nino,, walang anuman,, review lng ng review ser, saka isantabi mo muna o talikuran na ang mga bagay na alam mong nakahadlang sa pagaaral mo noon, gud lak sayo ser,, kaya mong ipasa yan,,.. post ka dito pag nakapagtake ka na at nalaman mo na ung results,, hehe,, gud lak again…,,,pagbutihin mo, apir!!!!

  125. ellaphine Says:


  126. cute guys Says:

    guys galigan nyu madali lng ang test kakaya nyo yan promisssssssssssssssssssss

  127. james caberio Says:

    maligaya po ako na maka sali sa als nabigyan ako nag pagkakataon na maka pag aaral ulit salamat po talaga? james

  128. Arnel L. Ang Says:

    Sir, I would like to know more about ALS. Currently, the school where I am working at, particularly the college where I teach, is implementing a community service on Computer Literacy Training. Our beneficiaries are mostly out-of-school youth and adults who are also enrolled under ALS. I have come up with an idea of putting up a center that would cater to the needs on computer literacy of ALS beneficiaries. However, I would like to have a more solid evidence and support in as far as the need of putting up a center is concerned. I would like to know more about you, especially your current and former affiliation with the government (TESDA, DepED, etc.) Thanks

  129. albecharlynn Says:

    hello everyone.. im currently doing my thesis writing about ALS and i find it really interesting, yet difficult coz i really dont have enough background about the program.. can you please give me sufficient info about ALS? I would really appreaciate your help… thanks a lot.. God Bless You All…

  130. Jester James A.Cabana Says:

    i am jester james a cabana i lived in batangas i want to pass my als because i want to help my mom and my family im very lonely because im living at my auntie and all of my aunt they dont want me??T_T

  131. meron po tlga exam nang june dti..lastyear po yun ksi nag exam nko dun..june 12 2008 kme nag exam..pero ngaun wla nang exam ng june..

  132. ngaun nag te take ulit ako ng als..sana this time mka pasa nako..
    mdali lang naman yung exam kaya lang mrame tlagang arte,,at rules na dapt sundn sa exam..kya mas mrame ang hindi naka2 pasa sana bgyan nyo ako ng technic para mka pasa technic daw dun…

  133. onel Says:


  134. iren valdez Says:

    hi!!!!gudam po….myfriend po ako n gs2 mgtake ng exam.nais ko po sna mlman kng kelan at san po pwd mgpregister pra mkpgtake ng exam?at ano ang requirements?slmat po at god bless po…..

  135. iren valdez Says:

    pcenxa n po d2 nga po pla kmi s dasmariñas cavite….slmat po ulit…..

  136. ellie Says:

    hello po sa lahat, marami po akong friend na gustong mag ALS, meron po ba nito dito sa Pampanga,nicheck ko na po ang Deped Pampanga site pero wala pong information tungkol sa ALS, sana po mabigyan nyo po ako ng info para sa mga friend ko kasi gusto nilang tapusin ang high school nila para makapag kolehiyo. Maraming salamat po.

  137. eric ribon Says:

    sana po makapag enrol ako help me naman poh kung ano ung asl

  138. richlyn joy sialongo Says:

    ,kailan poh vah ung next examination this year and wat are rhe requirements?????? please answer me poh as soon as possible….

  139. richlyn joy sialongo Says:

    `san poh vah d2 sa davao e`held ang next als examination???

  140. josh Says:

    kailan po vah ang exam eh,,
    na cancel po kasi,,
    sa oct.4 po sana kaso na cancel..

  141. Hi Sir,
    Thank you so much for the information, Im Wendy Oca-Egoy Mobile TEacher of Division of Malaybalay City, Bukidnon At present I am having my thesis witing in Caapitol University, I would like to ask favor if you could help me about my thesis the title of my thesis is PROFICIENCY LEVEL IN THE BASIC SKILLS OF CLIENTS IN THE ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM. I am asking your help to send me about the related literature focusing in ALS IN ORAL AND SILENT READING,


  142. rodel pineda Says:

    hi ask ko lang po bat wala pa yung resolt ng 2008 bat daming nag cocomet

  143. angelica lapuhapo Says:

    Good day!
    I am Angelica B.Lapuhapo,an OFW here in Thailand.Most of us here have great problem with our children where to send them to school because they can’t be enrolled to Thai schools and International schools also are very expensive.Please help us if our children can avail this program.

    OFW Parents

  144. sana ma eccept na nmion ang mga lht ng nkapsa sa exam ng als ae Says:

    ples amnm poh kln poh b nminm mlslalmn ang result ng aming exam bkit ang tgl nman poh yta

  145. lily Says:

    Good morning po.Mother po ako ng isa sa mga bata nag take ng ALS exam last Oct. 25, 2009. Sana po malaman na rin po namin agad ang result ng kanilang exam.Salamat and God Bless all children who are willing to continue their studies.Maraming marami salamat po.

  146. Khira Says:

    Ellow……Anu poh bang Website pra malaman kung sino-sino ang nka passa sa Test sa Dep-ED…….?

  147. pitiful____beggar Says: po ang site to check the test results,, pag ndi nyo po nakita don, it means wala pa po,,… nung batch po namin naghintay din kami ng almost 3 monts, kaya asahan niyo na na medyo matatagalan.

  148. my name is mary ann ,,how can i know ,,if i passed in exam on october 11 2009 at zapatera school cebu city.i want to know because i want to continue in college.

  149. good evening po sir/ma’am,gusto ko po malaman kung nakapasa ba ako sa exam sa alternative learning system dito sa zapatera cebu school noong october 11 2009.

  150. dhea88 Says:

    hi am ann from naga city ca sur just want to ask bakit sobrang bagal ng deped ngaun examiner ako last oct 2009 until now wala pa rin result parang feeling ko wala naman mpupuntahan un pag exam namin sa als na to.. kong maraming comemment n ganito anou ba naman kau.. ausin nyo nman wag nyo kamng paasahin masyado…wer not getting any younger akala nyo..

  151. nancy Says:

    hello am Nancy from Davao me i know kung kailan malaman ang result ng exam nmen nung oct.8? thank u po.

  152. ask ko lang poh kung halimbawa makapasa ka sa als test,pwede po bang magamit yung ibibigay na certificate for employment or it was just for education only.pwede lang po ba to gamitin sa pageenrol for college?

  153. edicio Says:

    Yes Graze. The high school diploma awarded for ALS A and E passers is as good as a high school diploma issued by a school. It can be used for applying for employment and for enrolling in college. Of course, the college may still require an entrance exam, in the same way they do it for graduates from schools

  154. jhaz Says:

    saan ko poh makikita ung mga nakapasa sa october 2009 als exam d2 sa calabarzon…..tnx poh

  155. roxane Says:

    Hi! My husband took an exam last November 8,2009 at ALS,in Clarin Missamis Occidental,Ozamiz City.He want to know if he pass in the exam. Can you give me the website where I can check if he pass or not.
    Thanks and have a nice day!


  156. ronnie Says:

    ask ko lang po kelan po ba tlaga lalabas ang result ng test last october 25…. kelan po????? at anung site po un lalabas?

  157. reynaldo laurente jr Says:

    pls nmn po pki send sa email ko kng san makikita ung result ng october 25 2009 A&E exam pls po

  158. Socorro M. Tupas Says:

    just want to know the result of the examination of Alternative Learning System here in the Philippies given last October 11, 2009.

  159. Lea Says:

    Hi! I would like to know if may nakakaalam na ba ng result sa October 11,2009 als exam. Thanks

  160. aiko Says:

    pkisend dn po saken ung list ng passers ng october 2009 a&e test results!tnx

  161. Anonymous Says:

    i wanna know the result of my exam last october 25 2009.

  162. nancy Says:


  163. galarrita lory Says:

    pki send naman po ung list ng result ng exam last november 8 2009 tnx more power and fod bless

  164. nx john Says:

    ….feb 2008 passers kb?..

    then congrats..! i heared, hindi daw ganun karami ang nakapasa.. lungkot!

    easy lng naman ung test e..

    dun sa mga nxt na ku2ha.. kaya nio yan


  165. nx john Says:

    ..pumasok lng keo sa site ng deped!.. andun na ung list ng passers..

  166. nx john Says:

    ..dun pla sa mga taga tagaytay na nkapasa,, ct geb?

  167. yujin miura Says:

    hi ask ko lng po sana kung kailan mkikita ung result ,,

    sana po mailabas niyo na ung result sa als ,,

    im from marikina ,,

    thanks ,,

  168. raijin Says:

    ano po yung link ng site sa result ng als exam last oct 25.2009 pa send naman po sa email ko sana po mabilis cyang i download kasi ang hirap po hanapin ehh lulabas lang yung result ng exam ng a&e test year 2008 d ko po makita yung yr 2009 exam result

    pa help namna po para malaman ko kung nakapasa ba ako o hindi

  169. avabien ayade Says:

    ,,hope mkapasa kming lhat ng mga taga rizal at palar.
    want n namin mkpag collage.. antay po namin ung resulta..!!! tank you pu,,

  170. dioscel Says:

    hi pwede ko pong malaman ung result ng oct.2009 na test.. im diocel from bohol…plssss send if me if you have the result….

  171. ivan Says:

    tanong ko po kung anong site makikita yong result ng october 26 2008 passer

  172. ivan Says:

    paki send nalang po sa email ko

  173. arvin s. catungal Says:

    nag test po ako nung oct. 2009
    where can i find the results?
    pls. help me

  174. ahmmm magandang gabi poh… tanong ko lang po kung kailan malalaman ang resulta ng exam noong october 11,2009 ?? maraming salamat poh..

  175. paki send nlng din poh sa email ko sa facebook …salamat poh .. ^_^

  176. ahmmm magandang gabi poh… tanong ko lang po kung kailan malalaman ang resulta ng exam noong october 11,2009 ?? maraming salamat poh..

  177. mark joseph Says:

    kailan pow malalaman ung result ng exam nung oct… 2009???? tagal p pow bah… nid q na pow kxe….. pki send nlng pow ung link ng site xa email q txaka kung kailan pow malalaman ung result nung exam….. tnx pow….

  178. ellitha akebereg Says:

    hi i am ellitha akeberg i want to know wen is the enrollment of asl i really wanted to continue my studying in high school can i know where i can enrole here in cavite,,,and when

  179. nhorin Says:

    hi po..tanong ko lang po kung saan sa makati ako pwede makapag enroll sa ALS.. taga guadalupe makati po ako,saan po kaya may malapit na school para makapag enroll ako sa ALS

  180. nhorin Says:


  181. joyce anna ntio Says:

    gud am po.. i’m joyce ann anito po from davao city.. ask ko lang po kung san makikita ang site ng mga list name passers ng november 9, 2009? thank you po..

  182. Ang tagal naman po ng list ng nakapasa sa examination n’yo!B

  183. Ang tagal naman po ng list ng nakapasa sa examination n’yo!Bakit po ba ang tagal!

  184. alexandria Says:

    ask ko po kung kelan po ung asl this 2010?..thank u po..

  185. jhaz Says:

    wala pa din poh ba ung resulta ng october 2009m als exam?????….gusto ko kc mag college kaya kelangan ko makita f nakapasa ba ako…para mag take ako ng exam ulet d2 sa bataan…tnx

  186. rona Says:

    hello po sir isa po akong pinsan at anti ng isang nag exam last october 25 2009 pakisend nga po saken yung web kung san ko makikita yung resulta ng exam

  187. rona Says:

    Taga Region 02 poh ako sir sa cagayan

  188. rona Says:

    pakisend nalang sa email ko yung web kung san ko po makikita ung result ng nag exam….PLssssssssss po.

  189. nhorin Says:

    …ayon nonsense nman ata ang magpost dito..bagal ng response..anyway sana nman may magawi minsan at mag aksaya ng time na sumagot sa mga tanong dito,,
    GISING PILIPINAS!!!napag iiwanan napo tayo..

  190. nicole D. Says:

    Good Day!
    gusto ko lang po sana malaman kung saan ko po mkkita ang result ng ALS Exam nung november 8,2009 ..i’m nicole po from general santos city. thanks po!

    more power to ALS!

  191. jomel encabo Says:

    im a mobile teacher, based on the division of cavite. specifically in the town of alfonso, gen. aguinaldo (bailen) and mendez. if your in those districtsj just contact me with my mobile number and tell what district and barangay you belong to.
    pure free education, no text mate, you can verify my status in ur district supervisor in the said districts or in the deped division office of cavite.

    i will not entertain bogus and learners from other district. if you belong to other district, just drop by to your central school elem/hs (town you live in).

    thank you!
    mobile number: 0916 590 0829

  192. jomel encabo Says:

    no result so far for the 2009 a&e test. as for my exp bet feb to may.

    you can check it in:

  193. maricel joson Says:

    ask ko lng po kung nakapasa ba ko ng exam nung ALS2008???
    e2 po # 09398751654 ko txt nman po keo.
    if nakapasa ako.
    wait ko po txt nyo.
    tnx a lot.

  194. lloydmark Says:

    ask ko lng pOh sna kung kelan mlalaman result na exam nong October 2009?kc nxt enrollment gusto ko na poh sna mG enroll ng COLLEGE if nka pasa ako!!!tnx send u n lng pOh if lumabas na ung result!!!TNx™

  195. Merygen D. Says:

    Good Day!…….
    gusto ko lang po sana malaman ang result ng ALS exam nung november 8,2009 … i’m merygen po from bukidnon. thanks…… god bless

  196. Merygen D. Says:

    gusto ko kasi malaman kong pasa ba akong nung aming exam last november 8,2009 kasi pag hindi po ako pasa mag aaral po ako ulit….. rply naman po sana kayo mag hihintay ako….. thanks …… god bless

    more power of ALS!

  197. Merygen D. Says:

    good day!
    gusto ko lang sana malaman ang result last exam nung november 8, 2009 ….. i’m merygen from bukidnon ..

    gusto ko kasi mag school ngaUng taon kaya kaylangan ko ng result sa aming exam thank you… god bless

    more power to ALS!

  198. Merygen D. Says:

    Hai, rply naman po
    sorry subrang kulit ko

  199. jeremy Says:

    hi all i am jeremy student of als please.. send nyu sa email ko kung saan makikita ang result ng exam…. please…… thank you

  200. joyce ann anito Says:

    gud pm po.. i’m joyce frome davao city.. i’m just asking kung when po ilalabas o i-popost yung test results ng batch october or november 2009.. kasi yung husband ko nag take ng exam.. he’s waiting for the results, gusto na kasi nyang mag enroll this june sa tesda..

    i hope you will reply..

  201. edicio Says:

    To all those who have posted comments and questions about the test results from November 2009, please read my answer in the January 2010 blog post entitled Alternative Learning System: FAQ

    Keep checking the DepEd website. And keep asking whoever helped you join your ALS learning group, and take the test.

  202. princess Says:

    san pu ba mron als?

  203. jurafe Says:

    hai… good nOn pOh gusto ko sana malaman kung saan makikita ang result ng examination nung november 8 2009

  204. kailan po ba lalabas ang result ng ALS A&E Test last October 2009.
    Salamat po

  205. bert Says:

    magandang araw po ako ay d nakapag migh skul, 45 na po ako ngayon gusto kupo mag aral pa ng high school or ALS sapoba ako pweding mag inrol na malapit dito sa lucena.. gustong gusto kopong maklapag aral lalo na ngayon pls po papaano po ako makakapag aral sa als At san po makikita malapit na als.. tnx po…

  206. Jesiree Muralla Says:

    Hi! I took the exsam last October 2009 here in Cebu. Can you send me the list of the exam passers. Im looking forward for the results. Thank you.

  207. Chona Abrina Says:

    Hello po good day po….Ask lang po kung kialan po ilalabas ang result? pls po pkisend po sa email add ko po ang result thank you po

  208. kat Says:

    hi,ask q ln po kung saan aq pweden mag aral ng als d2 bandan makati at kelan po ang enrolment.tnx plz rply

  209. rayan castro Says:

    sir, madam
    christian greatings!!!
    ano po ba ang kahalagahan ng (als) sa ating mga kababayang hindi na ipagpatuloy ang kanilang pag aaral…
    Ako po si Rayan Castro. nagtatanong kung bakit may als at sino ang nangunguna sa programang ito.

  210. rayan castro Says:

    pahabol po: ito po ang number ko 09194615863.
    text po nyo ako, dahil kailangan ko ngayon ang sagot ninyo, writters po ako ng Ang Sulo Magazine.

  211. rain Says:

    hi po to all!!!san po ba makikita ang result sa exam noong nov. 08,09???plss po sa nakakaalam paki send na lng sa mobile # ko kundi sa yahoo ko!!!
    mobile #:09108998877

  212. rain Says:

    ahhm sana po may magpapasa ng site sa list ng result sa exam!!!!TY!!!

  213. maribel Says:

    kailan po b malaman yung result naman……….

  214. john mark del gaco Says:

    ui saan ung result..gusto ko ng malaman..textback………

  215. john mark del gaco Says:

    pakitext po ako kung naka pasa ko 09126804608.pls help me po…kailangan lng po kasi..thanks…godbless..

  216. rosela reyes Says:

    why not release d result of d test earlier d test last november 15 2009.we need d result of d test so dat we will no what to do.

  217. 2 all student po ng ALS here in Barangay Basak, hindi pa po ngayong buwan ng Pebrero malalaman ang resulta sa inyong Examination noong November 4, 2009 held at Lebek, Legislated, National High School. Nasabi na sa inyo ng inyong guro na malalaman ito sa buwan ng Marso. huwag po kayong mainip sa mga nagpapalakad nito. sadyang malalaman nyo ito kung saka-sakali. At kung hindi kayo makapasa sa mga ibinigay na pagsusulit, huwag kayong mag-alala sapagkat maaari pa rin kayong magtake uli.
    ang programang ito ay sandigan ng mga mamamayan para sa kompletong naudlot na mga kaalaman.

  218. ursula Says:

    wla n un pera kinurakot n kya pgktpos n ng botohan un test result.

  219. winilmar simacio Says:

    ma’am sir kylan po bah llbas ung resulta ng exam nmn
    nung novenber,25,2009?
    kc po nagagalit na po ung mama ko,,,,pnpgltan na po ako,,,
    bkt dw po hndi pa ko mg enrol ng colage ehhh
    tpos nmn na dw po ung exam nmn s a,l,s????

  220. mylene palor Says:

    helo po ask ko lang po kung kelan ulit magkakaroon ng exam and where po?please email me .and guys wag mainip ksi bka abutin hnggang march or april ang results sa exam for 2009:)

  221. rpnante Says:

    ask ko lng po kung kelan saan maki2ta ung result sa als !!!exited na po kc ako mlaman !

  222. rhea Says:

    g0od day p0.
    pwede p0 pki send sa email ko ung result ng exam?
    ang tagal ko na po kasing nag hihintay..pls! tnx

  223. vhiley Says:

    gusto ko lang po malaman kung sino sino po ang mga nakapasa sa als..nov.15 2009 nung nag take kami ng exam…gusto ko lang po tlaga malaman

  224. rebecca canete Says:

    i just want to know kung kasali ba ako sa mga pumasa sa a&e test last oct 2009.kc gusto kong mkapag take up ng test para sa scholarship in college..

  225. evangello Says:

    im an out of school youth and i cant find some useful information on how to take the ALS program.
    i wonder if somebody can help me out of the rut. .

    i have some questions about this ALS program and i hope im in the right place
    im evan, 19y/o, my location san mateo rizal

    is there an ALS program going on here in San Mateo Rizal including neighbor cities? . .
    if yes. . Where? . .how? . . When? . . thanks!

    makakapasok po ba ang mga nag ALS sa U.P kahit ito po ay Non formal Educ lamang? . .

    iyon lamang po ang mga tanong ko.
    salamat po. .

    here’s my e-add

  226. elsa bernaldo Says:

    i am 47yrs.old,im a learner of question is: after passing the A&E test , can i apply as an I.M. volunteer? what process do i have to go through to qualify…? thank you….

  227. rajah von balason Says:

    san po ba makikita ang aming als exam result noong october 2009, ano pong website ng list ng passer sa als at kailan pa po makikita

  228. glen llaban Says:

    helow po!hmmm pwede po!ba malaman ang result ng test ko sa tondo maynila?…….

  229. glen Says:

    plzZ!!!lng fuh! GODBLESS result fuh!gusto ko fuh! malaman……………..

  230. ..wEeEw.:(

    kailan ba lalabas yung test result nmin noong october???

  231. albert Says:

    ano vah yan nakakaasar naman ndi ko makuha kung ano ung kung nakapasa ba ako o ndi i2 ung number ko 09334122131

  232. mylene palor Says:

    sna nmn po email kyu sa akin kung saan at kelan ulit magkakaroon ng exam ngyong 2010:)ask ko din po na meron po ba d2 sa sampaloc maniala:)email nyo po you sa mag eemail sa kin

  233. jeremy igot Says:

    sna pho email nyu sa akin kung sino-sino ang kna pasa sa exam noong oct. ngayung Agust. mag karoon ng exam…. ty

  234. emely Says:

    pkilbas na namn poh ung result ng exam nmin noong oct.25, pila laguna.pls..

  235. pwedepo ba malaman kung ano po ang passing score kapag nag test na po sa dep-ed thanks a lot po…pls text me +639074023085 thanks po

  236. niño jesus cruz Says:

    kelan poh lalabas ung results ng oct. 2009 examination??

  237. myn Says:

    kelan lalabas ang als result ng mga kumuha ng nong 0ct.11 2010 dito sa Iloilo?

  238. madam Says:

    may chance ho ba maging i.m. ang mga a & e passers na medyo may edad na?tulad ko ho na 47 yrs.old na at wala naman hong pangtustos sa pagkokolehiyo..?

  239. RACKY cueva Says:

    aNg tagal naman san po b makokoha ang deploma?



  241. justine Says:

    …ako nga po pla c justine

    …ung result po hnhintay ko dn

    …kelan po ba la2bas uhh??

    …tnx poe…. gsto ko ng mlman ung result e….

  242. glennelyn tabang Says:


  243. Akira Says:



    click to download>>

  244. bella Says:

    bkt di ko mkta ang result? ang tagal na nun ahhhhhhhhh?????????????//

  245. raijin Says:


    thank you so much malaking bagay po sakin ang makapasa sa als matutupad ko na po mga dream ko hehehe

    thank you and more power po,, marami pa po kayong matulungan

  246. jose anthony Says:

    bkt ang tagal ilabsa ang resulta ng exam ng als nitong nov.2009 bka naman kaluhan lng yan kaya ang tagal ilabas ang resolta???
    sana qng 220 na may resolta paki bilesan po??

  247. jean Says:

    hi poh kailan poh ang resulta ng exam nmin sa ALS noong nov.8,2009

  248. hyz kailan pa po ba e popost ung result ng oct14 2009 sa negros occidental high school po kami kumuha ng exam. sana naman e post nyo na ung result para malaman namen kung hindi kami nakapasa para makakuha ulit kami. sayang po kasi ung oras namen.

  249. pitiful____beggar Says:

    mga tol tingnan niyo yung post ni akira yun na yung link don,, ayt! apir!!

  250. pitiful____beggar Says:

    ser eliseo zabay cusay jr. ng negros occidental h.s. pasado po kayo.. congrats!

  251. pitiful____beggar Says:

    sa mga hindi makita yung results type niyo na lang yung full name at yung center na pinag examan niyo, may kopya po ako ng results sa 2009 – 2010 als exam… salamat

  252. pitiful____beggar Says:

    paki specify na rin kung sa secondary or elementary po kayo.. type niyo na lang po d2 full name, test center at kung for secondary or elementary exam po ang kinuha niyo, salamat

  253. jhon mark largo Says:

    puede poh bang malaman kng nka pasa ba kami hindi kazi nmn makita ehhh….

  254. Anonymous Says:


  255. nhorin Says:

    hi po

    tanong ko lang po kung saan ako pwede makapag take ng review dito po ako sa makati nakatira..

    thanks po and more power !!!

  256. charat Says:


    nakapasa aq slamat kay god makakapag college na aq haha

  257. charat Says:

    sa mga hinahanap yung result eto wak kyong kabahan

  258. sanny Says:

    saan natin makita ang passer nang als noong last2009 test?
    ano ang website nila

  259. ask lang sana ako kung nakapasa ako sa als dahil hindi ko alam kng nakapasa ba ako ,tagal ko naghintay sa resulta namin ang iba alam na kami hinde pa.

    Salamat sa mga babasa nito
    and thanks for aLs

  260. pitiful____beggar Says:

    ser SAMMY VERGARA pasensiya na po wala po yung name ninyo sa list, take na lang po kayo ulit ng exam ser, gud lak.

  261. alfe Says:

    hi po >kailan po lalabas ang result ng exam sa cebu noong 2009 sa zapatera elem school

  262. Mery Cris L Curitao Says:

    Gusto ko lang po malaman kong nakapasa po ba ako sa ALS exam. Nag exam po ako noong OCTOBER 2009. Saan po namin makikita ang mga name sa mga nakapasa?

  263. alfe Says:

    paki search namn sa akin kng nakapasa ako plssssssssss>>>>>>>>

  264. jermilyn Says:

    po paano ko poh malalaman ang result kung nakapasa ba ako jermilyn tendencia po

  265. Anonymous Says:

    sir pa post naman ang result ng exam ko last november 8 2009 para malaman ko kung pasado ba ako para exam ako ulit ako c lindie lofranco salamat po…

  266. tgal ko gusto mlaman ang result ng exam nmen………

  267. pitiful____beggar Says:

    MERYCRIS LOR CURITAO of pasay city east N.H. pasado po kayo CONGRATS!!

    JERMILYN TENDENCIA pasensiya na po wala po yung name niyo sa list,, take na lang po kayo ulit, sorry.. double check mo rin dito sa link na to

  268. pitiful____beggar Says:

    ALFE paki lagay yung full name mo para matingnan ko sa list,,, salamat :) apir!!

  269. pitiful____beggar Says:

    ser NORIYUKI B. NARSICO, pasensiya na po wala po yung name niyo sa list, tiningnan ko rin po sa NARCISO wala din po, take na lang po kayo ulit ser, gud lak..

  270. leizel gabbaoan Says:

    kailan po labas ng result ng als

  271. leizel gabbaoan Says:

    kaikan po labas ng resut ng als sa baguio po ako nag exam last nov.2009 emai me at

  272. freal Says:

    helo sa lahat ng kumuha ng als exam,ask ko lang kung kylangan pa talaga mag review or mag aral ng 10months bago ka makakuha ng test ng als? at kung oo meron ba kayong alam na malapit sa alabang o muntinlupa? plss n1 reply..thanku!

  273. Anonymous Says:

    kailan ko malaman ang result ng als exam nuong november 8 2009 kasi gusto kuna mag aral ngayon na taon. ako po c lindie logranco gusto ko lang malaman para maka pag aral na ako ngayon na taon..

  274. Anonymous Says:

    ako p c lindie lofranco gusto ko malaman na pasado ba ako sa als exam november 8 2009….

  275. kim Says:

    hi po gus2 ko lgn magenquire gus2 ko sana icontinue ung hs ko gus2 ko sana pumasok sa als hermana sa lucena may hawak dun shc db ba un db papasok ka ng isang taon dun penge nmn po ng mga info kung kelan ang pasukan nla dun tnx po

  276. Aiko Says:

    pano ko po makikita yong result ng test namin noong nov.8 2009

  277. pitiful____beggar Says:

    LIEZEL CAM-ANI GABBAOAN of quezon ES, pasado ka po, CONGRATS!!

  278. Nobelyn Says:

    hello, kailan po lalabas ang mga results ng
    als o a & e exam,ano pong websites para malamn ang ang mga passers ng oct. 2009 sa cebu city? pls reply my message this is my email adress pakisend lng po kung pwede,excited na po ako sana nakapasa ako,
    thanks po. =)

  279. romar Says:

    san ko poh makikita ung result ko ng (PEPT)??

  280. leizel cam ani gabbaoan Says:


    panu u po nalaman na pasado ako?
    plzz txt me sa # ko 09198326462

  281. Chona Abrina Says:

    good afternoon po….ask lang po if nakapasa po ung pinsa q name po Mark angelo a. pinos..tnx po

  282. reziel camillo Says:

    Ako po c Reziel A. Camillo gusto ko lang po malaman kung nakapasa po ako?
    Reply naman po kayo asap.

  283. i want see my grades of als exam october 11,2009?

  284. pitiful____beggar Says:

    ms. chona abrina sorry po wala po yung name ng pinsan niyong si MARK ANGELO A. PINOS, take na lang po siya ulet..

    REZIEL ALMIRA CAMILLO of lucena west I E.S. pasado po kayo, CONGRATS!!

    FELISA M. PONPON sorry wala po yung name niyo sa list,, take na lang po kayo ulet,. :)

  285. pitiful____beggar Says:

    mam NOBELYN eto po yung link for test results:

  286. rachel rose coloso Says:

    hi po i want to see the result of oct.2009 ?di pa po ba lumabas?

  287. pitiful____beggar Says:

    RACHEL ROSE MAURICIO COLOSO of iloilo N.H.S. pasado po kayo CONGRATS!!

  288. pitiful____beggar Says:

    LINDIE PAQUIBOT LOFRANCO of bukidnon N.H.S. pasado po kayo CONGRATS!!

  289. vg Says:

    hey there..
    wer nako makuha ang result sa exam??
    mga taga cebu need ur help asap.

  290. pitiful____beggar Says:

    VG eto yung link, click mo na lang…

  291. may kristine aquinde Says:

    i wna know my grades in als.if pasado po akuh or not..may kristine aquinde

  292. pitiful____beggar Says:

    MAY KRISTINE NAPUTO AQUINDE of upper bicutan N.H. pasado po kayo CONGRATS!!!!

  293. mark matuguinas Says:

    pls kailan malalaman result tga olongapo po ako ito no ko twxt nio po ako pls 09297546034

  294. result Says:

    please may i know pasado po buh freind ko sa als exam

  295. hello po i want to know lang po kung may pumasa pong carlo villarama taga bacoor cavite na test examiner ng als nung october 2009 salamat po…

  296. seychelle g. mata Says:

    ask ko lng poh kung nakapasa po akoh sa exam last oct2009 sa lamt poh!!

  297. chatu Says:

    wala pa ba certificates?

  298. mitch bacolor Says:

    sir, kindly post the result of passer exam oct.2009..

  299. Merry-ann Aguilar Says:

    saan ko po makita and result ng exam na sinalihan ko sa ALS A&E noong october 2009 sa Zapatera Cebu City secondary po…pls email me..maraming salamat po.

    Merry ann

  300. pano ba malalaman ang results ng exam..kasi hindi katanggap tanggap kung walang resultang nakita dun sa mga hindi nakapasa.thanks.

  301. sago Says:

    anu b yan ang tagal naming nagaantay anu b paasa lng b kayo

  302. mitch bacolor Says:

    .. wla b kaung balak ipost, kng cno ung mga nkpasa z exam!! ALS OCTOBER 25,2009 in Parañaque Elem. School…. ang dali nga ng test.. pahirapan nmn kng kelan mllaman kng cno b mga nkpsa!! d b kau naaawa z mga pnapaasa ño!! kng mkkita p ung resulta ng exam!!!
    pls. inform ño nmn qming lht!!!

  303. Michelle Bacolor Says:

    im Michelle C. Bacolor, i wanna know kng pasado b q?
    pls. reply.. or email me..
    tnx. :)

  304. Michelle Bacolor Says:

    im Michelle C. Bacolor, i wanna know kng pasado b q?
    pls. reply.. or email me..
    tnx. :)

  305. Michelle Bacolor Says:

    OMG! im one of passer examination 2009.. tnx lord.. tnx po seño ♥ ♥

    guys here ung link oh, download ño lng po..



  306. abbey from cavite Says:

    nkpsa din pho aqoh sa exam..
    tnong qoh lng pho qong kelan ung graduation o ung bgayan ng certificate pra pho mkapg enroll nqoh..
    pls pki inform nrn pho aqoh qong saang school lng kmi pwedeng mg enroll..

  307. hi kailan po ba lalabas ang results sa pup ang entrance exam noong february 28,2010……o ask ko lang po kung san sya bubusan upang mahanap ang results……pasensya po nasasabik na po kasi akong malaman ang results kung pumasa po ba ako don…honestly lagi po akong pabalik-balik dito sa computer para tingnan ang resulta pero wala po akong mahanap because i dont know kung san po ito sana po tulongan nyo po ako,,,sana po sa pagbalik ko dito ay makikita ko na ang resulta.

  308. robert favila Says:

    pede ptingin nman p0 kng nkapasa aq kc d k0 ma0pen ung dnownload ko papasa nlng sa email ko ung results thanks sa magbbgay..e2 email ko october 25,2009 aq nag exam d2 sa pque.

  309. raijin Says:

    ask ko lang po kung kelan ang graduation or kung kelan po namin pde makuha yung ceftificate???

  310. Michelle Bacolor Says:

    Robert Favila.. same tau ng school kng san tau ng exam CONGRATZ.. nkpasa ka dn.. *apir* :))
    sbe pla n Mam Bruno, my Graduation dw tau.. d lng sure kng last wik ng apr. or 1st wik ng Mar.. :))
    galing aq yeaterday z school..(APR.06)

  311. Michelle Bacolor Says:

    ayy.. 1st wik pla ng MAY dude.. :))

  312. Michelle Bacolor Says:

    to: seychelle g. mata

    congrats.. nkpasa ka dn.. :)

  313. Marejun Says:

    de ko mahanap kung pumasa akoh malas ko ,,ngayon lang ako nag bukas uli ng pc…. im so sad,

  314. bhaby Says:

    ui cno poh b mga nkpasa s exam… pano poh b mala2man kng nkpasa, nu poh ang email………..

  315. raijin Says:

    mga last week or 1st week ng may po ba ang graduation???

    Congratz po sa lahat ng nakapasa LIKE ME hehehehe

  316. raijin Says:

    cno po mga taga cavite d2 dapat may big celebration ang ALS cavite dba dba dba hehehehehe suggestion lang naman po para masaya 1 araw lang nmn yun hehehehehe

  317. jhomz Says:

    isang beses lang pala pdeng mag comment d2 sa page ng als ehhehe

  318. raijin Says:

    moderation ang pag comment hehehe

    wow last week ng april or 1 week ng may ang graduation?? cgurado n ba yan??? hehehe kaka excite tuloy

    congratz sa lahat ng nakapasa sa als exam…

    dpat may 1 big celebration ang als cavite area para masaya dba dba dba??

  319. lorence Says:

    sa anong site ko poh… titignan ang result..!
    salamat poh… pero paki usap lang poh…
    pakibilisan ninyo! mag past ng result… para alam
    poh namin kung nakapasa kame..

    thank’s for all teacher’s

    to provide to all student’s

    for concern’t to schooli’ng

    thank you end god bless!!!

  320. lee margarette d.c martinez Says:

    sana po ay matulungan nyo po ako na mabigyan ng pag asa na makapag aral muli.gusto ko pong ma contineu ang study ko in secondary.

  321. lee margarette d.c martinez Says:

    sana po maka pasok ako sa als.

  322. …. hi po…
    panu po pag nawala ung card pede pa po ba mg enrol?

  323. carlo Says:

    please i update po sa aken (the result of als passers 2010)

  324. pamela marie g. dela cruz Says:

    ask ko, lng po kaylan ang result ng test

  325. catalina omaguing Says:

    please lang po saan namin makikita yong als 2009 result?excited po kami d2 sa bahay upang malaman kung nakapasa ba yong nanay ko o wala,taga sanjose negros oriental po kami

  326. julman aquino Says:

    kelan poh b ung als ngaung 2010?????meron poh ba????sa email q nlng poh ung sagot nyo thanks poh…

  327. gidz Says:

    meron pa bang accelerate achievement test ngayon d2 sa davao???

  328. gidz Says:

    and dis my fb
    tnx reps nmn kau

  329. gidz Says:

    god bless

  330. eugene Says:

    ask lang po sino nakapasa sa als ngayon 2010
    paki send na lang po ng message sa aking fb.

    pwede po bang makuha un kahit ilang buwan
    ung certificate pagnakapasa.

  331. eugene acapulco Says:

    nakapasa po ba ako ask lang po please

    hintay ko reply ninyo fb ko

  332. eugene acapulco Says:

    ask q lang po kung nakapasa aq sa als ngayon 2010
    paki rply na lang po sa fb q

  333. fuji Says:

    ano po ym ng als pwede po ba malaman

  334. eugene acapulco Says:

    paano popagnakapasa ka pwede po ba email yung certificate sakin

  335. dino Says:

    anong pong requirements sa als ?? secondary po ako

  336. jayson Says:

    hai po magtatanong lang po sana po ako paano po ba malalaman kung nakapasa po ako sa exsam sa als alternative learning systems2008 ang learning ko po ay sa betty go belmonte elemtary school

  337. mawalang galang napo pwede po bang mag tanong kung naka pasa ba ako sa placement test sa zapatera high school cebu city noong october ba yon o november 2009 examinee number ko po ay 012875….

    thank you po!!!

    mag hihintay po ako sa sagot nyo,,,

  338. cynthia Says:

    hi po..

    pwede po bang mag inquire sa ALS kahit 1 month lang ang hindi ko pumasukan sa school namen kasi drop out na po kasi pag ganun. Kelan po ba ang enrollment ng ALS para po makiki exam po ako this August 2010 para magcocollege na po ako this 2011.

    hintayin ko nalang po ang sagot sa aking email add.

    thanks po.

  339. Joemarie Otico buenaflor Says:

    good day! pwede.. po ba, makuwa ung email nang Alternative learning system kung saan makikita yung..!! mga name test result nung 2007..nang mga nag.. exam thank you !! po !!
    god bless!

    Very truly yours,Joemarie

  340. carlie.. Says:

    can u pls add more details abt ALS..need qo lng poh for my thesis..esp.related study and literature abt it..tnx pon..

  341. Anonymous Says:

    san pu mkikita ung result ng exam…

  342. noel abasola Says:

    thankful po ako sa teacher namin na si ma’am cathy oyardo of pedro e. diaz h.s. we love you pho..

  343. ariel marabiles Says:

    ser poyde malaman ang result sa als sa zapatera shools e2 po ang email ad q

  344. vhy santos Says:

    ako po ay magtatanong kung nakakarequest ng diploma at tor sa als ang mga passers?

  345. Ronnel Says:

    Hi Sir,

    would you know of ways that i can use to get a ALS module for ELEM out of school youth. we are currently in the process of implmenting a ALS project for ELEM out of school children, and i was hoping to get a module from ALS..let me know sir, i would appreciate it very much..thanks

  346. pain Says:

    good evening to all als student

    ayun sana makapag aral na ako next year ng college..

    para magamit ko ang certificate ng als..

    ask lang po meron po bang scholar na makukuha ang als student????? sana po may sumagot sa tanong ko (=^_^=)
    thanks and godblesssss

  347. ian Says:

    good morning po san po ba may malapin na als na pwedeng pasukan dito sa montalban rizal.. sana po may sumagot.

  348. Lyn Says:

    sir/madame. ako po ay kasalukuyang enrolled sa TESDA at hindi maka-attend sa ALS lecture Quezon City..gusto ko po magSelf-Study….kung meron po kayong Learning material paki e-mail lang po sa email na ito:

  349. bernadette dela cruz Says:

    gusto ko po sanang malaman kung kelan pwede makuha yung diploma at kung saan pwede makuha..nakapasa po ako last 2008 of oct. i hope malaman ko din po agad,.pakisend nalang po sa email ko @

  350. hi good day sa lahat….. gusto ko lang malaman kung kailan pa ibibigay ang diploma ng bast 2009-2010 kasi isa ako sa nakapasa ng asl… maraming salamat…… ramil sinangote po ,…

  351. Gian Lelix Says:

    hi po..

    gusto ko lang po malaman kung ano ung mga requirements for taking ALS??


    just send me some details in my account.

  352. Gerardo S, Abrigo Says:

    hi po
    kailan niyo po ilalabas ang result ng exam ng October 3,2010 kailan po namin malalaman kung pasado po ako taga pangasinan po ako sa Dagupan City po ako nag exam sana po malaman na agad ang resulta maraming salamat po

  353. Anonymous Says:

    I currently work in an NGO that also offers ALS. But in a way, we choose our learners- the night establishment workers who did not finish either their elementary or secondary. WE also give livelihood trainings like massage therapy, baking, cooking and other trainings. ALS is really a great help for these people who wants to have a new life. One learner from our Batch 1 is already employed in a call center, one is a sales lady in a grocery, one continued her college and the others are already out of the Red light zone as we call it. We only depend on donations and volunteers. But when we had 13 examinees, 12 of them passed. :) ALS is really a new hope for those who stopped dreaming since they dropped out of school.

  354. holland ver jimera Says:

    alternative learning system (AlS) is really great….this open opportunities for youths and adults to be literates and avail education that is for all. learning and experiences that will somehow help them to live a better life and to become a productive citizen of the country.

    to all ALS facilitator and staff congratulations and thank you delivering and making education accessible for all.

  355. JR!!!! 999 Says:

    results ng als…oct 2010 pls :D

  356. Dyce Says:

    Pls reply….

    Pwede po ba malaman ung lahat ng nag test nung oct. 17 or ung mga registered na students ng als? pls reply po!!! I beg U may hinahanap lng ako…

  357. hi po’ask ko lang po kung sa’ang’site\ makikita ang mga pangalan ng nakapasa sa als program kasi nag aalala ako kung naka pasa po ba ako

  358. floro lazaro Says:

    Thankful po ako sa aming advicer nasi sir.JAVAN FAITH G. AGOL,,,na kahit sa kabila ng hirap at pagod niya para makarating lamang sa-aming lugar’at para kami ay turu-an lamang, malaking ang pa-sasalamat ko dahil siya ay nag tiyaga sa’ sana ay pumasa ako para hindi naman masayang ang kanyang pagod at hirap thank you sir. mana-natili po kayong nasa aming puso at isipan……at sa bumo-buo ng programang ito,at kahit hindi ko pa alam kung ako po ay pasado,pero kahit gano-on marami paring salamat dahil dito’sa programang marami akung natu-tunan hang dito nalang marami pong salamat. adios and godbless.

  359. mary rose talaban Says:

    gud day poh..!!gusto ko lang poh sana mlaman kung kelan mlalaman ung result ng exam nung october 3 poh kme ngtake…dito poh aku cebu ngaun..gustong gusto ko npoh tlaga mlaman ung result pra mkpag decide npoh kme kng anung course ang kukunin nmen ng mga classmate ku..please response..kelangang kelangna npoh tlaga nmen…thanks poh…

  360. gud day po ask q lang po qng san pede malaman ung mga name ng mga pumasa sa exam noong october 17 2010 sa San Francisco high school? can u email us plzzzz…

  361. momregg Says:

    may we know the result of als exam held @ dasmariñas national high school, dasmariñas bagongbayan area b last
    oct. 17, 2010…high school and elementary level…thanks!

  362. hans christian v biltz Says:

    kilan ko po malalaman ang result ng exam. thanks

  363. rachelle ann cabidog Says:

    hellow.. gud day po … kailan po b tlga nyo ipopost ung mga nkapasa nung exam last october 17 2010?? ako po ay sakop ng metro manila east… at nag exam po ako sa pasig central elementary school .. pls we need an a.s.a.p reply regarding dis msg.. ksi cnbi samin nung proctor na nagbgay ng exam samin ehh by november daw ilabas ung result ehh smantalang anung petsa na?…. december na ho.. at marami pong nghhintay sa resulta nung nging exam nmin… pki bgay po skin ung sagot dto po sa email ko.. maraming salamat po.. sna po magkaron kayo ng mblis na sagot…

  364. Jocelou Says:

    pwede malaman kung saas hahanapin ang resulta sa naganap na als exam noong oktobre 3,2010?

  365. Jocelou Says:

    gud day po!pwede malaman kung saan hahanapin ang resulta sa als held in moghs?

  366. jing buban Says:

    pwde po mlaman if kylan tlga ilalabas ung result sa als?

  367. Anonymous Says:

    uo nga poh….. paki post po ung mga passers sa ALS test para mainquired agad


  368. peter Says:

    kailan po mala2man ang result ng exam at saan din po maki2ta ang mga nakapasa.oct.17 ako nag-exam hangang ngaun po kc nd ko pa alam ang result sa mandaluyong elementary ako po nag-exam.
    umaasa po ako.tnx po

  369. Anonymous Says:

    Hi my name is virgie L.villamor,ask ko lang ko po kung nakapasa po ako sa exam nong october 17, 2010.

  370. judith Says:

    may i ask po f my brother had passed the exam?

    His name is joseph R. Rebaya from region 5-pili cam,sur..thank u so much!

  371. paano ko po malalaman ang results ano po ang papasukin ko???paki turoan nyo naman po ako pls…

  372. naka tira po ako sa springwoods.kailangan ko po ang tulong ko help mr pls………

  373. bluekiss, bocaue division Says:

    gud day po,nagtake aq ng exam last oct,.3 2010 ask q lang po kung pnu q mla22man kung nlapasa na kmi,sbi po kc ng pratoc,nmin nhaun daw pow,pki email nman po ung mga passers,………..txs poh.godbless..

  374. Ask ko lang po kung kailan po namin malalaman ung result ng exam namin na ginanap noong october 17 2010 sa marikina city elementary school

  375. pumasa po ba si melvin tamundez? sa als exam noong 2007-2008?

  376. mel melanio Says:

    ask q lng po qng nkpsa po ung brother q?..antonio c. melanio jr po name nia sa als caloocan division po xa ng take ng exam….

  377. Christina Says:

    hello gud pm i just want to ask how to find the results in als exam took last Oct. 17, 2010 in Cainta Rizal…tnx

  378. juvy ann gray paramo Says:

    xan po pde mkta ang result ng als exam last october,2010?

  379. ronald Says:

    wla pa po bang resolt sa als nung last october

  380. Aira Alec R. Candelaria Says:

    good morning po ako po c aira magtatanong lang po sana ako kung meroon ng als result nung last october 17 2010 ?? tnx :))

  381. maryjoy Says:

    helo po. im maryjoy racines.isa rin pong osy. mtanong ko lhan po kelan po vha mllman ang resulta ng exam ng als?

  382. christian Says:

    nag take poh ako ng exam sa als nung oct 2009 saan q po mkta result non kng pumsa ako

  383. hi po….hope po namakapasa kaming lahat.salamat sa ALS.

  384. kellogs Says:

    i just wanna know what is the result of the past exam in ALS last october 17, 2010.?

  385. reynald Diez Says:

    paki e-mail na man po yong result ng exam noong OCTOBER 11, 2010. Sa Iloilo National High School. plzzzz…………. e-mail lang dito or sa

  386. randy Says:

    . .sAan kO pO bA mAki2ta ang resUltA ng ALS exAminitiOn nOong Oct. 3 2010.?

  387. sana poh malaman n poh nmin yong result ng als nong 2010 poh salamat poh

  388. analyne villanueva Says:

    hi im analyne villanueva tanong qo lang po kung kelan erolan ng ALS d2 sa lugar nmin sa montalban rizal??hangad ko po ang kasagutan nio..salamat poh

  389. jocelyn Says:

    kailan pa ba ang result sa exam??? i hope im the one ho pass the a& e exam..

  390. jocelyn Says:

    hi……plz…. im so xcited wat r the result ..of exam

  391. rosa Says:

    helloooooo…………..nakita ko rin ang name ko!salamat po sa mga ng post….i am one of the passers!im lucky and im very much happy…iyak nung di ako pumasa,ngayon na pumasa umiyak naman kc happy kaayo ko!!!

  392. jolito a. del mundo Says: ko pala makita ang result ng nakapasa sa exam ng ALS.’?

  393. jamicheal earl kate Says:

    sana naman nakapasa ako sa exm sa ALS……

  394. Maan Lazo Says:


    I’d like to know more about ALS. I have a friend who wants to finish high school, he is 22 years old already but he finished only until 2nd year high school. He is from Pangasinan, how can he register and apply for ALS?

    I would appreciate an immediate response from you.



  395. i need some thesis that goes dipper meaning of Alternative Learning system..thanks

  396. darz Says:

    just to inquire regarding the out of school youth program here in manila? or what is the procedure how to take the examination for the accelaration program.. because i have friend which already 25 years old but he didnt finish the HS (3rd year), he want to take the exams so that he can continue for college.. please give me some info regarding this matter. thanks

  397. jessietosim Says:

    mam/sir.ung answer sa question poh san makikita??

  398. Eric C. Gallardo Says:

    Hello po…tanong ko lang po kong paanp po mag exam ng accelaration? 1st year high school lang po ako. gusto ko po sana mag aral ng College..Pls Help me….Eric Gallardo from Marikina City.

  399. chit galima Says:

    a friend’s daughter 15 yr old wants to know any ALS somewhere in marikina please? thanks…

  400. jhan Rhed Says:

    taga Cebu po ako, pwede ask, maari po bang makakuha ng scholorship ang ALS graduate.kasi nakapasana po ako sa ALS nung last year 2008

  401. noname Says:

    san po ba pde mag enroll d2 sa caLoocan ??

  402. elsa Says:

    i am an ALS graduate.i graduated last april 14.i am the top learner in our district (Angat, Bulacan).i should be proud and happy that inspite of my old age(48) i turned out to be the top learner…i was not happy being the top learner because i am devastated by the corrupt system that transpired and that i am fully aware of…..

  403. analyn lumagbas Says:

    I would like to continue my high school education in the ALS.i’m 20 yrs old,dpat graduate n poh last 2008 kso nagka anak poh ko kya d ko n poh na2loy ung 4th yr high ko.i live in binangonan rizal.Can someone please advise how and where I should inquire about this?tnx!!!

  404. cherry del carmen Says:

    Hello po, Ask ko lang po if madali lang ba ang EXAM?…
    at pag nabigyan po ba kami ng certificate pwede po ba mag enroll sa ATENEO ?.. or UST. required po ba ALS graduate s mga universities?

  405. edicio Says:

    Ang exam ay two parts: Multiple choice at essay. Kung nag-aral ka at nag-review, kakayanin. Pag pumasa ka at nabigyan ng certifcate, pwede kang pumasok sa anumang college at university na ang required ay high school diploma. Pero siyempre, kailangan ka pa ring pumasa sa anumang entrance exam na kanilang requirement

  406. cherry del carmen Says:

    thank you po, ..

  407. hopefully sana makapasa ako sa july3 for qualifying exam….aja!

  408. Anonymous Says:

    i’m on my second year right now inj college, and i am one of the passers of ALS , thank you so Much!!! Thank You to all people Behind this ALS !!!!

  409. Jefferson Rulloda Says:

    maraming salamat po sa ALS sa pagbibigay po ng upportunity pra makapag tapos kmi ng pagaaral…malaking bagay po ang ALS sa katulad ko kahit mahirap kahit may pagsasakripisyo pero pagdating nmn sa tamang oras makakamit mo nmn ang mga minimithi nyo katulad ko hiling ko lng na sana makapasa kaming lahat sa darating na final exam sa October….Maraming salamat po ulit sa ALS….

  410. myra Says:

    I want to continue my high school.Im 21 yrs old. Can someone advise me where and how i should inqiure about this. Thanks in advance.

  411. gel Says:

    hello po sir ed i would like to ask sana if nakapasa ka na sa ALS are we qualified to enroll and take the entrance exams to private universities at yung mga prestigious schools like UP?. kung pwede din po kami makakuha ng mga courses like medicine, nursing at iba pa? at concerning po sa NSAT’s are we still required to take the exam? kasi i was browsing for universities and i saw a school that required having NSAT’s results. it seems far fetched if i think about enrolling to such schools and courses pero i would like to know po para i dont have to wonder anymore and para maka move on din po ako to other choices if its not meant to be..

  412. edicio Says:

    Yes, of course. The HS diploma you get through ALS is equivalent to the HS diploma given by any school. If the college or university requres an NSAT score, I presume your score in the ALS test would be the equivalent.

  413. carla Says:

    hi im carla. just wanna ask kung every anubf month yung acceleration test? kasi dpko tpos ng high school.

  414. erick Says:

    HI…! erick po to ng pasig, ask ko lng po kung pwede ko p po b mkuha ang certificate ko, kahit wala n po ako nung stab? saan ko po pwede mkuha?

  415. Anonymous Says:

    sana naman po walang nagmumura dito

  416. Anonymous Says:

    new als teacher pa lng aq…last march…super kaba kc lapit na exam ng mga student ko….but super happy kc every meeting nmin ms madami aq learn s module and sa kanila…grade 1 teacher dn aq…

  417. Beth Says:

    my exam po ba ng als ds february? expecting ur humble reply for my question. Thanks

  418. Beth Says:

    This january I mean…pardon me.

  419. edicio Says:

    Am not sure, and have to check yet. But you can also check yourself with the Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) of DepED.

  420. hi! where can I get modules for pardos? Says:

    hi! where can I get materials/modules for the pupils who are at risk of dropping out

  421. edicio Says:

    I think the DepEd has a special program unit for pupils at risk of dropping out (pardo). Ask Usec Yoly Quijano.

  422. hi
    first time ko lang po mag comment d2..
    gusto ko lang po malaman if san po banda yung alternative learning system? kasi gusto ko rin po mag aral…kasi first year high school lang po natapos ko so gusto ko po makapag aral sa makapagtapos.thanks po…

  423. nikki santos Says:

    hello po ask ko lang po kung kailan po pwede mag start sa ALS

    kailngan po ba 10 months

    or pwede po 5months lng po from june po sana balak ko umatend sa ALS ok lng po kya?

    thankyou po

  424. lougene Says:

    haii ..SALAMAT po sa lahat .. ang exam namin ay sa 23 na po ..sana lahat kami ay makapasa dito .. kailangan namin talaga ito .. ako po ay ALS-IMUS .. marami kaming natutunan sa lahat ng mga LESSONS na pinarating sa amin ..salamat din sa lahat ng mga GURONG umalalay sa amin

  425. christine Says:

    hi good afternoon.i just want to ask if they have still ALS??and how to enroll.and if they have still ALS when the class started??because i am just first year high school that’s why i really want to enroll and to continue my study..can i know also if where is that place cause i live here in PANSOL BALARA Q,C..because here in balara i already asked here if they have ALS but they don’t have..please reply me Posetively!!!!!


  426. Wilmer Says:

    For 2009 test takers follow the links below. you need to have an adobe reader to open the pdf files.

    for 2010 test takers


  427. wenalyn Says:

    hi .. po ,, gud day gusto ko lang po sana malaman ang result ng als ngayon lang pong 2011 .. kung sinu-sino po ang nakapasa ,na isinagawa sa moghs ,cagayan de oro .. salamat po ..
    send niyo lang po sa mobile ko .. ito po
    09156578360 ..ooh sa email ko nalang po ito po ..salamat po ulit/

    more power,

  428. Anonymous Says:

    May I ask the editor of this page to post more information and data concerning the ALS (Alternative Learning System) because I am undergoing a study titled “The Effectiveness of Alternative Learning System to Learning Process”. In line with this, the information and data that will be posted on this page will sustain and will add the content of my Research Paper as a whole. As a pay for it, I will acknowledge your good name and office on the said study. Thank you for your kind answer to this request! God bless you!

  429. Jan-Jan Decano Says:

    May I ask the editor of this page to post more information and data concerning the ALS (Alternative Learning System) because I am undergoing a study titled “The Effectiveness of Alternative Learning System to Learning Process”. In line with this, the information and data that will be posted on this page will sustain and will add the content of my Research Paper as a whole. As a pay for it, I will acknowledge your good name and office on the said study. Thank you for your kind answer to this request! God bless you!

  430. dana foster Says:

    we are conducting a research about als .. we are hoping that we can get some information from you mr. edicio .. and if you allow us to have an interview about what als is all about .. or can u please give us a idea about what are the possible thesis topic and problem we can use in our research … thanks …
    please email me .. student of saint Micheal’s college of laguna

  431. galack Says:

    ask q lng kng san mkkita un name ng 2007 passers sa pasay city

  432. jxei Says:

    paki post nman po dito qng saan puedeng makita ang mga nakapasa sa exam dito sa als last nov.13 2011.o kaya nman po ma email nlng po dito

  433. clarence Says:

    hello…ask ko lang po kng kylan pdeng mkita ung result sa als…baguio po…

  434. Anonymous Says:

    i am ALS passer,i will graduate on March 26,2012. (Bachelor of Science in Religious Education). I am very thankful because i had the privilege to take ALS.
    We have educational research and i need related study and related literature about ALS. san po kya aq mkakakita? slamat po! Godbless!!!

  435. Bernadette Millar Gonzaga-Abendanio Says:

    san po mkakakita ng related literature and related study ng ALS? slamat po!!!

  436. Bernadette Gonzaga Says:

    ALS passer din po aq… and i am now taking Bachelor of Science in Religious Education. We have educational research…. my classmate and I chose ALS as our topic. We want to help ALS learners in our town Pandi, Bulacan. Please help us too to find related literature and related study of ALS.
    Thank you very much!

  437. als result po ne2ng 2011-2012

  438. Anonymous Says:

    Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s really informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  439. Gerold S. Ped Says:


    Please po paki-forward po sa akin ung result ng ALS 2007.

    Gerold S. Ped

  440. sammy Says:

    san.. poh.. pwd mkita.. ang als result.. oct.2011-2012.. plz po need na nmn tlga.. mkita!!

  441. Anonymous Says:

    kailan po ang resuls??

  442. mHerie Says:

    Yung mga nka Pasadena fuh b sa ALS I massing mag college sa kahit anong university???

  443. mHerie Says:

    Yung mga nakapasa fuh b sa ALS ay maaaring makapag koleho sa kahit na anung unibersidad

  444. juliet oplas amoroso Says:

    hi po kumuha po ako ng exam last october 14 2011 po. gusto ko po sanang malaman kung anu po ang resulta. kung nakapasa po ako o wala?

  445. Anonymous Says:

    pwedi ko po bang malaman kong sino po ang nakapasa noong nobyembre6 2012 eksaminasyon isa na po ba ako doon?

  446. sino po ung nakaka alamng result sa asl

  447. Glor Says:

    I w0uld like 2 knw m0re ab0ut als, pls send me s0me of ur rep0rtz c0z im d0ing my research n0w ab0ut als tnx po,her s my e.mail.. loboglorelyn@y.c

  448. Irene Pandian Says:

    Sana nkpasa ako gusto ko n poeng malaman kung nkpasa ako nasan n poe b ung rezult………..??

  449. Maria Divina Says:

    good day po..ask ko ang schedule ng test for ALS, please advise po ako ng details thru my email..gusto ko lang ko i enroll ang nephew ko so that he can study college…thank you

  450. jm lanananannanan Says:

    naghihihntay ng resulta sa exam patulong naman po……

  451. october po ang test exam . but ng start na ung classes

  452. Anonymous Says:

    hi! gs2 ko po mlaman ung asl result kng nkpsa po ako…olivia castillo po ito

  453. arlinejoy Says:

    wala po ba kayo schedule ng mga periodical exam para sa mga elementary students. para makapagreview.

  454. Hi may i ask if saan po pde kumuha ng kopya nung exam result.. naglaho na kasi ung teacher nmen sa als nung june 2008.. i have may diploma na pero ung exam result d nila naibigay sken.. paanu po kaya un?

  455. Primo S. Olaco Says:

    Thanx po sa lahat na bumubuo ng BALS of DEPED Meralco Pasig Cty, that happened yesterday Jan.03,2013 at around 1130 am to 0420 PM…at sa tumutulong po sa akin to catch-up be the last trip examiner at kay Dept Head at kay SIR to whom i forgot to get his name and his staff maybe m’ joan …..THANK YOU PO….

  456. Hello po Can I ask poh Kung Kailan namin malalaman ang result nmin last exam namin nong November 17 2012 paki email niyo po sa akin kung saan ko makikita yon ? Jean Palabrica poh ! Kung ok lang!!

  457. hi,po,,pwede po bang malaman kong pwede po bang mag aply ng schoolarship sa mga unibersidad dito sa cebu,,,kong graduado ka sa (ALS)?
    maraming salamat po,
    kng sakaling may sagot po kayo ito po number ko-09336725658,,o d kaya ay e email sa
    salamat po!
    Talisay City,Cebu

  458. Primo S. Olaco Says:

    pls help me po… ako po ung nag exam last minute sa BALS Pasig City last Dec..27,12..pd po ba malaman if naipasa ko po exam ko po…gagamitin na po kc for abroad kailangan ko po para red ribbon ng DFA…PLS HELP ME PO alang alang po sa family ko po 3 anak ko lahat po nagaaral at mag college na po cla sa ngaun po papa abroad me first time para sa future ng mga anak ko po at sa family ko po….PLS HELP ME PO….mayron na po me working visa for UAE tapos na po me PDOS ….i need your hearthly kind po ….pls…

  459. Angie Says:

    Im from lucena city.. I want to know if when als(alternative learning system) starts in lucena.. Thank you,.

  460. maxiebear Says:

    hello sir, i was poster in your blog in 2010 and i was also ALS passer in 2010. the result was out around before mid 2011. and finally last year i started attending college. im in my 2nd semester now and they are requesting me to pass a form 137 for my midterm but was given until my finals to pass it. i was wondering on what i should do. since as far as i know or was informed i only needed to show the diploma. i submitted it along with papers from the reviewing center i was in (i think it was the test results) with good morals, my birth certificate etc.. i only completed the first year of my high school and half of my 2nd year. they wanted some certification that i am qualified for tertiary level. my other problem is the request of form 137 was intended for my highschool but i reviewed for ALS in a different school. im really confused right now and i wanted to ask for help regarding this. hoping for your reply soon. thank you sir. god bless…

  461. Anonymous Says:

    gusto ku pong malaman kung nakapasa aku last year lang pu nung december 2 2012

  462. lito manzo natividad Says:

    hello poh nais ko sanang malanam kung nakapasa aku itsa

    dito sa bayombong nueva vizcaya

  463. Ren aganan Says:

    Low po,,meron po bang ALS dtu po sa sta mesa..tanx po

  464. Anonymous Says:

    Hello po gusto ko po Sana e enrol ung son ko sa Al’s kc kaka rating LNG nia galing province NASA grades school plang po xa eh 12 na po xa ages nia is running grade 6 na Sana xa eh ngaun NASA grade 4 palng kaya gusto ko kumuha xa ng exam para sa grade 6 Ahmmm.. San po Pwede mag enrol location po namin fairvew at anu po ang mga requirements para maka pag enrol..? marming Salamat po ashanti ko po ang reply nu,,,,

  465. Rachel Says:

    I just want to ask if there are ALS here in Negros Oriental particularly in Bacong…and if it’s acceptable to transfer to ALS..and I’m studying in a regular school,and I’m not overage..
    Can you help me,pls?

  466. Anonymous Says:

    na release np baung name result ng A&E noung june 12 2008

  467. paano po ako palage may work,wholeday gusto ko po sana mkapagtake ng exam? sa als pde ba mgpa sched.para mkapagexam-.thanks

  468. Ask ko lang po bakit wala sa list ng result yong mga ng take from salawag baranggay extension…hindi ko po nakitayng name ko ngtake po ako ng exam nong nov.2013 pa…wait ko po yong result

  469. Luisben Cabana Says:

    good day ask ko lang ano po ba ang requuirement para maka exam sa ALS?when ang exact date for the examination.?3rd year high school lang po natapos ko kaya gusto ko sana mag exam para maka pag aral sa college im 30 years old.

  470. Anonymous Says:

    pwede po ba mkakuha ulit aq ng result ng xsam ko sa muntinlupa laguna noong 2007-2008

  471. Ronnie Tecson Says:

    I would like my brother to continue his high school education in the ALS. We live in Brooke’s Point, Palawan. Can someone please advise how and where I should inquire about this?

  472. dj Says:

    good evening po als passer po aq noong 2012 . binaha po kc kami then nsama dun ung card ko .may pag asa pa po b aq mkakuha ng copy nun ? kung meron paano po.? tnx in advance

  473. jhen caguioa Says:

    Hello :)
    ALs Passer PaLa Ako Dec 4 2014-2015
    ActualLy masaya ako Kse Nakita ko Name Ko Sa Mga Nakapasa Nag Research Kse Ako #ALS EXAM RESULT PASSER 2014-2015
    Pareho Kami Ng Kuya Ko :)
    Nakuha Na Ng Kuya Ko Yung CERTIFICATION Nya for Graduation :) May Graduation Daw Kame :) Then After Ng Graduation BiBigay na NiLa #SANA Yung DipLoma Namin :)

    #CentaL 1 ES Region 1

  474. Ronnie Tecson Says:

    Hi jhen caguioa,

    Ask ko lang ilang months ang SOA? bago mag exam.
    Please reply naman to my comment.

  475. Ronnie Tecson Says:

    Sir Ed,

    Ask ko lang ilang buwan po ang ALS bago ito matapos?

  476. Hello po passers po ako Ng als Ng test po ako nung October 2008 hnggang ngaun po hndi KO p po nkuha ung diploma KO po Kasi po nanganak po ako that time.gusto KO po Sana kunin na po ang aking diploma kso kng po bka wala n po ung diploma KO Sa Valenzuela po ako nag exa. Mkukuha KO p po b un at nnka save po b ang mga name po nmin

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